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Universal Support

With our global presence and expertise, we are dedicated to helping organizations around the world unlock their hiring potential and build exceptional teams that drive success.

At mana jobs, our seasoned labour force consultants fully understand the complexities of hiring internationally. With years of experience in foreign recruitment and immigration processing, mana jobs is capable of addressing the needs of your organization.

Worldwide Connection

Our team is constantly expanding to new horizons each year, with new offices launching every year filled with experienced staff. 

  • Canada
  • India 
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam 
  • Bangladesh 
  • Middle East 
  • China

How We Support You



We encourage an ethical recruitment process. Aspiring to have a trustworthy and dependable reputation, mana jobs takes deep care of its clients by understanding their needs and offering stable positions or loyal talents.



We support international companies and workers in encouraging diversity and inclusion environments. We are built on equity and diversity in all of its forms. We recognize all types of talent and inspire them to speak, as all voices are respected and valued.



Our people, from our experts to clients, are our priority. Their safety and security matter, and we are committed to respecting confidentiality. Our privacy policy ensures all personal information from our clients is secure. 



We are committed to respecting our word and being confident in delivering accurate information. mana jobs ensure clients have loyal personnel to develop their businesses and professional lives.